Park Record Spelling Bee

Utah's Premiere Spelling Bee!

This year the Park Record Bee is raising the bar!

We are thrilled to announce we will send the winner of our local Park Record Bee to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in May of 2015.

Expenses for the lucky winner and an adult will be paid for by the Park Record Bee.

To reach Scripps, we must make the following changes to our local Bee:

Bee Fee - Any school that wants their students to participate and qualify through the local Park Record Bee will need to register directly online with Scripps – here is the link - The cost is $130. This is a required step by Scripps; however, in return, each school will receive all of the study words and a plethora of other spelling resources for teachers and students. The fee can come from the school, their PTO, Community Council, parent donation or any other source.

Format - There will no longer be 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th and 6th/7th grade Park Record Bees. Instead, there will only be a 2nd/3rd grade Bee locally; this local bee this will become a "warm-up" bee for the Scripps Bee. The main event will be for students in 4th - 8th. Participants will need to be 8-14 years old. The winner of this bee will go to Scripps. Second and third place winners of the Park Record qualifying bee will be substitutes for the Scripps National Bee in the event the winner cannot go.

Calendar of Events

February 10 - written Qualification Test at test centers below
February 23 - announce List of Finalists for Park Record Bee
March 31 - Park Record Spelling Bee at the Egyptian Theatre
May 24 – 29 - Scripps Bee Week in Virginia
Sept 7 (Labor Day) - Participate with the Park Record in the Miner’s Day Parade



In light of the changes to the Park Record Bee this year, we want to be sure that everyone understands the guidelines and how to help students study for the Bee.

  1. This year’s written qualifier exams will have both spelling and vocabulary for 2nd/3rd grades and 4th – 8th grades. The vocabulary will be multiple choice.
  2. The written qualifier exams will be Tuesday, February 10th. There will be a make up test, time/location TBD. If you have a student with a valid excuse for missing the qualifier, please have them contact us.
  3. The 2nd/3rd grade written qualifier will cover 1st – 3rd grade words.
  4. The 4th – 8th grade written qualifier will cover 1st – 8th grade words.
  5. The oral Park Record Bee will be only spelling for both 2nd/3rd grades and 4th – 8th grades.
  6. The oral Park Record Bee will be Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 at the Egyptian Theatre.
  7. The oral 2nd/3rd grade and 4th – 8th grade Bees will have words chosen from the grade-specific word lists, Spell It!, and other words not on any of the study lists.
  8. Students should study the word list for their grade level and then move on to the lists for other grades. Students can get the word lists from their English or language arts teachers.
  9. English/language arts teachers can access the word lists on the Scripps website using their spelling bee coordinator login. Lists are accessed by the left side bar menu under “Parent and Student Materials” and are PDF files.
    Please note -- Lists cannot be posted to a website that is accessible to the general public as they are copyrighted.
  10. Once students have mastered the word lists for 1st – 8th grades they can go on to the Merriam Webster website Spell It! for more practice.
  11. If a student wants even more practice, they can expand their spelling skill set by playing the fun word games at Merriam-Webster's Word Central

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to a very exciting and challenging Bee season.

Have fun and spell on!

Park Record Bee Organizers
Sandra Van Leuven —
Tania Knauer —
Julie Glusker —


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In 2006, Tania Knauer discovered that her daughter and several other then 3rd graders at McPolin Elementary School not only liked to explore new worlds and stories through reading books but also enjoyed spelling many newly encountered words. While discussing this curiosity in spelling with her daughter's teacher Mrs. Dugins, a native of the south (a region rife with spelling bees), they spawned the idea for a 3rd grade bee. The 3rd grade bee would provide a worthy challenge for these increasingly proficient readers, and the bee would help eager students hone reading, spelling and comprehension skills.

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Ecker Hill International School, Sandra Van Leuven,

Jeremy Ranch Elementary School, Pam Garringer,

McPolin Elementary School, Maggie AbuHaidar,

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